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BOOMERS! - Showcase Auditions

Posted: June 2, 2011

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BOOMERS!- Photo/Resume Request

Prod: Ted J. Mozino Showcase (approval pending) $500 project stipend.

GM: Brierpatch Productions

Dir: Gerald vanHeerden

Author: Peter Baron

Choreo: Kevin Ferguson

CD: Holly Buczek/Michael Cassara Casting

1st reh: On/after 6/20/11. Daytime rehearsals. Runns 7/15 – 7/30 (9 perfs, various times) as part of the Midtown Internat’l Theatre Festival.

NYC appointment auditions will be held in mid-June.

To be considered, send headshot, resume and brief cover note by 6/7/11 to:

ATTN: Boomers

Michael Cassara Casting

333 W 39th St – Ste #601A

New York NY 10018


Subtitle: “The Musical of a Generation”. Intimate, emotional roller-coaster ride with Will and Laura, as they live through three decades of world-altering events. Their dreams and idealism collide with reality to forever alter their fairy-tale existence.

Seeking strong singer/actors:


Actor plays the character from his teens through his 40s. Musical’s central character. Story follows his life from high school (as an idealistic teen, rebelling against the confines of society) into his 40s (as a family man, trying to make sense of his life). Strong tenor (up to B).


Actress plays the character from her teens through her 40s. Laura is Will’s first and only love. Loyal and loving. Begins the play as a smart 17-year-old, headed off to the Peace Corps, and ends as Will’s disillusioned wife with a teenage son. Soprano or mezzo (up to F#).


Actor (18+) plays the character from his late teens through his early 20s. African American male character. Joey is Will’s best high school buddy. Class clown and prankster. Enrolls in the army and is sent off to Vietnam, where he is killed in action. Haunts Will throughout his life. Actor must have excellent comedic skills. Tenor (up to G).

Leif / National Guard Captain:

50s. Leif: Will’s working-class father and coach. As a war veteran, he does not understand his son’s life choices. Captain: Appears in a protest scene. Baritone (up to F).

Beth / Ensemble:

Actress plays the character from her teens through her 20s. High school friend of Will and Laura’s, Quintessential flower child. Loses her life at a protest. Soprano (up to G).

Greg / Ensemble Singer:

Actor plays the character from his teens through his 40s. Character has a dark and brooding quality.Starts as a mild-mannered son of a minister and friend to Will. As he ages, he falls into the world of Wall Street.

Lance / Ensemble Singer:

Actor plays the character from his teens through his 40s. Lance is a typical jock—all brawn, no brains. Can be a bit of a redneck. High school football teammate of Will.

Little Joey / Ensemble.

Seeking actor 18+ to play/“read” 14-15. Little Joey is Will and Laura’s son. A bit troubled. Tenor (up to A).

College President / Male Ensemble:

Track age: 20s-30s.College president at a school riddled by protesters. Strong voice (tenor up to A) and dance.

Female Ensemble:

Track age: Mature 20s. Performer must have a great transformative ability, strong voice and dance.

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