Gabi Moskowitz, Inspiration for ABC Family's YOUNG & HUNGRY Set for AfterBuzz TV

Gabi Moskowitz, Inspiration for ABC Family's YOUNG & HUNGRY Set for AfterBuzz TV

On Wednesday, July 17th, AfterBuzz TV welcomes food author Gabi Moskowitz to their studios with host Kylie Hodges for a special one-on-one interview of AfterBuzz TV Presents: Spotlight On. Moskowitz shares an anecdote of the day she heard "Young & Hungry" was picked up by the ABC Family Network, she had been on an airplane when the news broke, "We had been in Wisconsin visiting my boyfriend's family...and when we finally landed I had 27 missed calls...I just started crying and smiling. My boyfriend took a bunch of photos with tears running down my face. Of course everyone on the airplane thought something was wrong and I said 'my show got picked up!'"

Graduating from Emerson College with a Theater Degree and working as a teacher, food writing wasn't her first career move. Moskowitz explains how her hobby of cooking quickly turned into a career, "When I was an incredibly poor young woman living in San Francisco ...I figured out that I could support myself as a personal chef. I worked for a bunch of tech entrepreneurs... and to me I was like 'I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this. It's second nature [to me to be] cooking food for people'".

While talking about her involvement with the show "Young and Hungry", Moskowitz comments, "I would love to have a walk on role at some point... I enjoy being on camera and doing a variety of different things with 'Young & Foodie'...long-term vision I'd love to do food television. I can totally cook on camera."

While continuing her thoughts on being on-camera, Moskowitz answers the question to whether or not she will ever pitch herself as a cooking host for her own show, she reveals, "Yeah absolutely, that is definitely something you'll see at some point. I would love to work with... any network that wants to do food TV."

Moskowitz can be followed at, and the AfterBuzz TV after show for "Young & Hungry" airs every Wednesday at 10pm PST.