Arcadia Publishing Presents Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know

Arcadia Publishing Presents Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know

With summer vacation on the horizon and many families preparing to hit the road, kids can amuse themselves with Arcadia's Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know series - now featuring books about 22 U.S. cities. Grownups appreciate that the books are fun and educational. Kids know what really matters is having the inside scoop. In these books, young readers will discover the sights, sounds, and spirit that define the cities and states that make up our great nation.

Each book includes sixteen pages of entertaining facts about the city, plus 32 pages about the state. Sections like "Strange But True," and "Marvelous Monikers" spotlight each city's unique landmarks, special events, and more. The handy paperbacks are perfect for popping into a backpack or tossing into the back seat, where kids can quiz each other-and their parents-on fun trivia such as:

Which city drops a 1,250 pound acorn on New Year's Eve? (Raleigh)
Where can you see a 45-foot tall sculpture of a clothespin? (Philadelphia)
In which city's zoo are the baboons named after different types of olives? (Rochester)

Kids learn best when learning is fun, and the easy-to-read books in the Cool Stuff series by Kate Boehm Jerome are full of fun facts that kids will want to share with parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Cities profiled in the new books include Columbus, OH; Austin, San Antonio, Columbia, SC; Savannah, Jacksonville, Rochester, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, Boston, and Chicago. Also available are books on Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas, and Charleston, SC.

The publisher is offering a special 20% discount for consumers who purchase the Arcadia Kids books at the Arcadia site, Visit the site and enter the code, "COOL" at checkout to receive the discount. Additionally, Arcadia Kids books purchased from the Arcadia site come with a money-back guarantee!

Award-winning author Kate Boehm Jerome,, is a thirty-year veteran of educational book publishing, and her series have received multiple teachers' choice awards. She is also an active campaigner for child and adult literacy.

Established in 1993, Arcadia,, is a leading publisher of local and regional historical books. Arcadia Publishing has more than 6,500 titles in print.