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BWW Blog: From The Stage To The Screen

A quick chat with CCM seniors on how it was like having a virtual showcase.

BWW Blog: From The Stage To The Screen
Veronica Stern and Jack Brewer

Due to the current pandemic, everyone has had to adjust their lifestyle whether that is maybe attending virtual classes or working from home. Things just have to be done a little differently this year. But for current seniors at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music receiving their BFA in Musical Theatre, it was adjusting their senior showcase.

I got to sit down and have a conversation with two CCM Seniors, Joshua Kenneth Allen Johnson and Jack Brewer of MT 21' and discussed what it was like to transfer everything they've learned from the classroom into the virtual world of a showcase.

At the end of their college experience, seniors create a Senior Showcase that is presented to a group of casting agents. "It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the industry in the way you want to be introduced and a great way to make initial connections. A way to push you out of the nest per se" says Joshua.

Usually, Senior Showcase is a process that is done live, but this year CCM had done it differently. Because of the current safety guidelines of the pandemic, the process had to be adjusted and instead of a true blue New York City live show, all had to be transferred virtually through the screen. Both Jack and Josh explained how "much like covid, a lot of it is learn as you go. Traveling along a new territory, a different format than what is a traditional senior showcase". Jack says, "We've taken the elements of film and matched it to our musical theatre capabilities. It allowed us to be more creative, but also required a lot of individual work." Both discussed how it was very important to find material that they could present in a creative and unique way, but would translate well on screen.

BWW Blog: From The Stage To The Screen
Eli Mayer, Joshua Kenneth Allen Johnson

This year's virtual showcase allows students to be shown in both the realms of tv/film and live theater. "You get to experience people playing guitar in their bedroom. It becomes more intimate and personal... On film we get viewed more about our artistry rather than if on stage it makes it feel like you are more of a product" says Jack and Joshua. There is a different approach to this years showcase, but even though these artist have found the ability to adapt and still bring the training to the screen.

"This year's showcase has challenged us as artist. It allowed all of us to be singer, dancer, actor, director/videographer/choreographer. Forcing us to be hyphenated artist".

From on location filming, to watching each other have artistic liberty, the virtual showcase is something they would not change. Though it is not what they expected their senior showcase to look like, it allows each and everyone of them to be seen in a totally different lens by an audience that can view them from the comfort of their own living room.

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