Guest Blogger: Natalie Toro

Guest Blogger: Natalie Toro
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BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - One Last WordBWW Blog: Natalie Toro - One Last Word
January 31, 2013

Well, I doubt this will be the last time you hear from me, but it is my last blog for BW. Thanking Christina Mancuso for going out on a limb and asking me to share with you what goes on in my tiny little feeble brain. Funny how, when she first asked me, I so questioned myself. 'What am I going to write about? Who wants to hear what I have to say?' I feel like things happen for a reason. Now whether it's for the right reason, that's between you and the Universe.
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Nah...We Actors Don't Get SickBWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Nah...We Actors Don't Get Sick
January 28, 2013

Are you kidding? It's a nightmare when you have to sing anywhere, a show, a concert, your sister's weddingJeezthis is when I want to throw myself off of a bridge. It never fails. You could be fine for a whole year, then when you have a performance of some kind, you find that little tickle in your throat, that faithful friend that rears it's ugly little head and starts to say "hello"
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Going Out on a LimbBWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Going Out on a Limb
January 24, 2013

I'm not sure if it's Kosher to write about this subject, but the pang in my stomach is telling me to go ahead. I'm going to open up a can of worms. Obviously, my personal life is private, but is it? And why should it be when all of us go through some of the same things?
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - The Power of AnimationBWW Blog: Natalie Toro - The Power of Animation
January 21, 2013

Ever wonder what the message is after the lights come back up after an 85 minute animated feature? I LOVE anything animated, especially films from Disney/Pixar. But besides the fact that they make me feel good, I usually leave the theater with an ache in my stomach. No, not from the buttered popcorn I just inhaled, but a different kind of ache. Anyone leaving the theater with me knows I'm pretty silent as we exit and for me, and for whoever I'm with, that's a rare occurrence. (My Word program on my computer wants me to change that word, "whoever" to "whomever"whatever!
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Never Yell 'CUT!'BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Never Yell 'CUT!'
January 17, 2013

So, Mondays Blog went over well. Phew! It could have been an all out Cyber-War! Thank you for commenting and sharing it.
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - I Hear You Wanna Know What I Thought Of Les Miserables?BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - I Hear You Wanna Know What I Thought Of Les Miserables?
January 14, 2013

So many people have been emailing me and asking me what I thought of the movie? I have not answered most because I wanted to sit with my "feelings" and make sure that what I thought came from the "right" place. But is there ever a right place when you give an opinion of a show or of some else's work? I mean who the hell am I? Is it a coincidence that I am blogging this month? Do I sit here and give my blah opinion written in black and white forever or do I slash its throat at the helm and let it all hang out? I have certainly gotten my share of evil black and white reviews, some so rotten that it felt like the critic had a personal vendetta against me. Did I deserve it? Well, it's a matter of opinion.
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Who Was This Eponine a Very Long Time Ago...BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Who Was This Eponine a Very Long Time Ago...
January 10, 2013

What the hell are you going to Blog about Natalie? What is so important in your life since your last Blog a few days ago, that you can write that's interesting enough for the world to read? I'll tell you how. Because I just received a very heartfelt, courageous message on my FB Fan Page from a woman who felt the urge to write me after all these years. I'm dying right now. It's 1AM and I have a polarity of feelings going through my soul.
BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Releasing a Holiday Song...Late!BWW Blog: Natalie Toro - Releasing a Holiday Song...Late!
January 7, 2013

Do you have holiday burn out? Don't we all! Even though the holidays are at an end, here I am still talking about the holiday-themed song I recently released, 'Just in Time For Christmas' with lyrics by David Zippel and music by David Friedman. So bare with me. You can't imagine all of the obstacles that were in my way since the idea was hatched in September. But recording this single was a true labor of love and I could not have done without a few exceptionally talented friends. So in keeping with the holiday spirit, I'd like to tell you who they are and what they did to bring this recording and video to all of you.
BWW Blog: Meet Natalie Toro - Happy New Year!BWW Blog: Meet Natalie Toro - Happy New Year!
January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! My very first blog for Broadway World. So excited to start the new year connected to the community this way. Many thanks to Christina Manusco for hooking me up.


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