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William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT in Philadelphia William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT
Lantern Theater Company (5/18 - 6/18)

Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour! in Philadelphia Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour!
Keswick Theatre (6/4 - 6/4)
The Singing Windmills in Philadelphia The Singing Windmills
KleinLife (6/7 - 6/7)
The Lightning Thief in Philadelphia The Lightning Thief
Forge Theatre (7/23 - 7/25)
The Dinner Detective Comedy Mystery Dinner Show in Philadelphia The Dinner Detective Comedy Mystery Dinner Show
The Dinner Detective Philadelphia (7/8 - 7/8)
The Home Game in Philadelphia The Home Game
Bird-in-Hand Stage (8/4 - 10/19)
Chicken & Biscuits in Philadelphia Chicken & Biscuits
Bristol Riverside Theatre (5/16 - 6/4)
Winter Wonderettes in Philadelphia Winter Wonderettes
Montgomery Theater (11/9 - 12/3)

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