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Amanda Finn

Amanda Finn Amanda lives in Madison, WI and joined BWW in the spring of 2014. She has relished every moment spent in a theatre since then. She holds a B.A. in English, Theatre, and Film/Media studies from Ripon College and attended the National Critics Institute in 2015 at the O'Neill Theatre Center in CT.



BWW Review: The Spectacle of THE LION KING
May 16, 2016

Disney's The Lion King has dominated the stage for almost 20 years and audiences still flock to the theatre whenever the show migrates into a new city -- or even an old city as the show makes its return to Overture Center.

BWW Review: Howling at the COYOTE MOON
April 12, 2016

Frank's loved ones don't know where he is, but Frank's destination wasn't exactly a "where". It was the aversion of the "were". Frank thinks he is a werecoyote -- yes, you read that correctly. Not a werewolf -- a werecoyote.

BWW Interview: Alan Talaga Talks Pokémon
March 29, 2016

Local Madison funny man Alan Talaga and Atlas Improv have teamed up to present something circa 1999 -- Pokemon: The First Movie. But instead of seeing the colorful monsters battling it out on the screen, they've taken to the stage in the format of a staged reading. 

BWW Review: SWEET WILLIAM Bats a Thousand
March 23, 2016

If baseball is America's pastime, then gossip has to be a close second. That's precisely what playwright (and director) Doug Reed's Sweet William hits right on the head in his play filled with the sport and the sport of rumor. Gossip as juicy as a ballpark frank is what drives Broom Street Theatre's foray into the sport that smacks of summertime.

BWW Review: Comedy Talks in MISALLIANCE
March 16, 2016

George Bernard Shaw must have been a talker. A man of many talents, Shaw's plays are known for driving home his opinions on the world around him and doing so at length -- hence why he's said to have perfected the concept of 'discussion' plays. Strollers Theatre took the challenging playwright to task with their latest production of Misalliance - a 2 ½ hour comedy of manners with so much talking it's no wonder the characters didn't end up blue in the face.

BWW Review: Fly Away with PETER PAN
March 11, 2016

On a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Fireside Theatre, just hours before the new work week was set to begin, adults in the audience for Peter Pan smiled along to the repeated utterance of "I won't grow up." Indeed, in a world like ours who would want to abandon their childish dreams?

BWW Review: There's Nothing Insufficient About MAURITIUS' Postage
March 9, 2016

Stamp collecting isn't considered a dangerous hobby.Unless, of course, you're a young woman named Jackie who finds herself in a tight spot when a family stamp collection becomes the target of a pointed buyer.

BWW Review: Dance Into the Night with MONSTER BOOGIE
March 2, 2016

Monster Boogie, curated and directed by Matsushita, is a culmination of audio recordings, righteous dance moves, and the sharp wit of Jessica Jane Witham as the narrator.

BWW Review: THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW is Sexy, Feisty, and Fabulous
February 20, 2016

Something wonderfully odd is going on over at that Bartell place. The Rocky Horror Show, in all of its whacky glory, is electrifying audiences - even though ritual participation is not included. 

February 17, 2016

Psycho Beach Party is a lot like United States of Tara - if Tara included beach babes, surfing, and nods to Joan Crawford. In StageQ's latest production, written by Charles Busch, reality is turned on its head for a group of fun-loving beach bums in a happy-go-lucky 1960's throwback.

BWW Interview: Charles Busch, Tom Judson, and a Valentine's Day Cabaret
February 14, 2016

On Saturday night, before the Stage Q production of 'Psycho Beach Party', I got the opportunity to chat with 'Psycho Beach Party' playwright Charles Busch and his cabaret partner/pianist Tom Judson about their Sunday evening show in downtown Madison as well as Charles' history as a playwright and performer.

BWW Review: Times Are Changing for LA CAGE AUX FOLLES
February 8, 2016

When Jean Poiret's French play of the same name came out in 1973, and when Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein premiered their Tony Award winning musical in 1983, society was fundamentally different.

BWW Review: Family Quibbles Galore in RUMORS OF TRUTH
February 5, 2016

KRASS presents a show about three sisters and their struggle to come back together to honor their mother's final wishes.

BWW Review: Overture Hall is alive with THE SOUND OF MUSIC
February 3, 2016

The musical warhorse penned by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II - the last musical written by the duo -- will turn 57 this year, but thanks to invigorated direction by Jack O'Brien, the musical hasn't aged a day.

BWW Review: An Enchanting BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at Overture Center
January 14, 2016

Belle, in her bookish ways and reserved manner, was always a stand out princess of Disney's canon. Disinterested in being one of the aptly named "Silly Girls" who spend their idle time fawning over local hunk Gaston, she is a much different kind of Disney heroine.

BWW Review: Bring Your Quarters to THE 800TH ANNUAL SALVATION SWING-OFF
January 13, 2016

At a traditional Catholic baptism, the child is wrapped in a white garment as a symbol of their purity in the eyes of God. As the child grows older, the garment becomes metaphorically stained by acts of sin, but the waters of baptism from infancy are said to wash those stains away. So, when the child has grown into adulthood and eventually faces death their garment is said to be clean once again - after a stay in purgatory, of course.

BWW Review: GADZOOKS! A New Holiday Tradition
December 16, 2015

Scrooge, the elves, Santa, and the mistletoe have been done. Christmas shows have been done. Some would argue they've been done to death. But, there is a type of yuletide entertainment that we are sorely missing on our side of the pond - the British panto.

BWW Review: ARE WE DELICIOUS? Xmas '15
December 9, 2015

With just a week of preparation time - just 'winging it' is a mantra for the members of the Are We Delicious family. This holiday season they're presenting a series of eight holiday shorts to lighten and enlighten the audiences at Broom Street Theater.

BWW Review: Madison Opera's LA BOHEME Reminds Us To See the Beauty
November 18, 2015

“How do I live? I live!” Exclaimed Mackenzie Whitney as Rodolfo in Madison Opera's fifth incarnation of Giacomo Puccini's La Bohéme. Among the stunning lyrics speaking of love, poverty, and poetry, it was this simple exclamation that stood out on its own.

BWW Review: A WONDERFUL LIFE By the Fireside
November 11, 2015

Christmas in my childhood home involved several traditions: adorning the tree with my mother's crystal ornaments, meticulously setting up the Christmas town figurines, and watching Frank Capra's 1946 classic It's a Wonderful Life.

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