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Baghdad Othello at Actors Quarantine Collective


7/22/2020 - 3/31/2021


Actors Quarantine Collective


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Baghdad Othello in UK / West End

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Baghdad Othello takes Shakespeare's classic and reverses the racial roles and sets the story in post-invasion Iraq. The piece highlights both the racism within the American military but also the devastating effect the American led invasion has had on the Iraqi people. Baghdad Othello was the concluding play for the festival Around the Globe in Eighty, a fundraiser for the United Kingdom's renown Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The piece here is performed via Zoom with an international cast including actors from as far a field as the United Kingdom, Israel, Georgia, Iraq, Australia, the US and Italy. Written by Beverly Andrews and directed by Abigail Pickard Price, Baghdad Othello highlights the fact that there are never victors in any conflict only casualties.

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