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Hairy Angel Scot Talent!

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Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#1
Posted: 5/30/09 at 4:52pm
She didn't scream a scream, she was simply a dream.

She didn't win, but alas got a superb second.
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re: Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#2
Posted: 5/30/09 at 5:00pm
She was superb tonight. Once again she put all the naysayers and cynics to shame with an incredible performance. However, the better act won - Diversity were utter perfection.
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re: Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#2
Posted: 5/30/09 at 5:03pm
Hurrah! Being as SO OVER her as I am, I was threatening to go on strike tomorrow by refusing to get dressed all day. My family will be relieved to hear that I won't be doing the weekly Tesco run in my pyjamas. ^_^
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re: Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#3
Posted: 5/30/09 at 5:28pm
I watched part of this mere television programme for the very first time tonight, whilst seeking distraction from an unpleasant task.

The only finalist who did distract me was the rugby playing twink Shaun Smith, and on the strength of his vocal performance I'm surprised not to have heard more about him rather a certain other contestant.

I also thought the saxophonist was impressive.

I did not enjoy the fat father humiliating his fat child.

(I'm feeling snobby tonight)
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re: Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#4
Posted: 5/30/09 at 8:24pm
I dunno, I found the Shaun Smith character pretty uninspiring. He didn't really have a good voice, he was just good at performing 'Ain't No Sunshine'. When he performed the other song (can't remember what it was) but he just couldn't do it without extremely pushing it. He only got that far cus of his looks.

The saxophonist was good, but the song was pretty average and didn't show off that much ability. Really surprised me that he got to 3rd place.

The kids were annoying, sure they were good for what they were...but for goodness sake one of them had a breakdown hissy fit on stage when she made a mistake and the other one needs to go away, wait till he's older and then make a proper go of it.

Susan Boyle...great performance, had a feeling the general public were 'over' her and wouldn't let her win but if she had to come second, Diversity were the ones to lose to! Fantastic entertainment.

Slight reservations in what they can actually do beyond performing at events? No record sales, the dance dvd for last years winner didn't work...and they have kids in their mist so anything more 'grown up' would be a nono.

Simon Cowell was probably a little dissapointed he got an act that wasn't really proffitable off. Guess he'll have to make do with the MILLIONS SuBo will bring in.
re: Hairy Angel Scot Talent!#5
Posted: 5/31/09 at 6:48am
I have just been pretty unimpressed overall, full stop. But that is more to do with dislike of the process than the people. I did think "Diversity" were very diverting, though (lol), and I preferred that they won to Susan Boyle. They needed to win more. And that straight singers are included at all, let alone allowed to dominate (when they have their own dedicated showcase in X-Factor etc), is a bit of a travesty. All that reflects, I think, is the producers wanting to keep the chances up of being able to profit from the winning act.

But Susan Boyle will still have her album, which will sell millions whether it deserves to or not. And I wish her well. But although her time in the spotlight will be bright, I think it is unlikely to be very long lived. And I think the fall from grace will be terribly hard for her, albeit she will have a bundle of money to cushion it. And I do fear for her future when she will be targetted for exploitation both in public and private life, and I doubt she has the nous to protect herself.

The thing with "Diversity", though, for all I thought they were very good, is that I know nothing about the professional standards of cheerleading, which I understand is more what they are doing rather than dance per se. And Simon Cowell et all know just as little. They are just as incompetent, in real terms, to presume to judge most of those "acts" as the public are. But maybe that is all that has ever been important, in that they do acurately reflect the inadequacy of the general public. And it is that that really does rather turn my stomach. I have no quibble with the charm factor, but some expertise is required to discriminate between average and good in the areas where charm shouldn't be all there is to it, ergo Paul Potts is now held up by the masses to be the epitome of great operatic singing. He wasn't even third rate when he sang on the show this year. What a travesty! But when the "judging" is no more competent than the public, what chance does real skill have? Now, it's all just about pandering to the lowest common denominator.