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One Last Puff

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One Last Puff#1
Posted: 5/13/09 at 6:58am
'The Last Cigarette' the new play that transfered from Chichester has been given notice for 23rd May at the Trafalgar Studios.
Its pretty amazing that a major play starring Felicity Kendall can barely run 3 weeks in the West End.
Based around the diaries of the late playwright, Simon Gray, it played to sell out business and great reviews in Chichester but has lost its puff in the West End.

Thats the second show in two days that had a great life out of town but couldn't find an audience in London.
Updated On: 5/13/09 at 06:58 AM
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re: One Last Puff#2
Posted: 5/13/09 at 7:42am
Gosh, have been getting 25 + free beer offers since before it opened but am surprised to hear that.
Was vaguely on my to see list.

Trafalgar 1 seems to have hit followed by miss (riffleman followed fat pig, this following sloane).

Perhaps people who want to see Ms Kendal want to do so in traditional surroundings.