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Production costs

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Production costs#1
Posted: 3/26/09 at 7:03am
After useeingPriscilla last night a colleague of mine asked me, "how much would this show cost to stage", I gave a answer about 10m, looking for a definitive answer from you guys and how the money is spent to make up that figure up?
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re: Production costs#2
Posted: 3/26/09 at 7:08am
I remember reading something saying that average Broadway musicals cost $7-9m to opening night, and that West End shows cost slightly less, but that was about 7 years old, so you'd need to adjust that significantly. I still think Broadway ones cost more.

Costs to Opening: (Copy the list and add expenses you can think of!
Rehearsal Space
Set Construction
Design Set/Costumes/Sound/Lights
Theatre Fit-Out
Rehearsal Wages for Cast, Crew
Production Team Fees
Orchestrations/Music Preparation
Props Bought

There's a breakdown in Richard Andrews' Guide to London Theatre handbook. I have it at home. Again, about 7 years out of date.
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re: Production costs#2
Posted: 3/26/09 at 11:30am
For a show like Priscilla which has had a previous production it is had to estimate. Some other big costs for this show are the many royalties the producers have to pay various music licensing agencies for the plethora of songs they use throughout the show. I cannot imagine that would be cheap.

Also, the new bus itself is worth over AUD$1,000,000 ... so add that on as well.