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Into the Woods - Help Please! (:

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Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#1
Posted: 1/26/09 at 11:37am
I'm directing Into the Woods in December and I basically need to know the smallest way it can be cast with doubling etc.
With as few men as possible. I know the music but need to know all the cast and how they can be doubled. Could someone pleas shed some light? Thanks guys :) xx
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#2
Posted: 1/26/09 at 11:41am
The production at the Gatehouse (120 seater) had a cast of 12: 8 women/4 men and most of them doubled at some point as actor/musicians (though Rapunzel/Jack/Cinderella/Stepmother were the main ones credit as such.) The two princes doubled as the Ugly Stepsisters and the production used video for the narrator and sequences where doubled characters needed to interact.

Who knows, the director may be able to negotiate a deal to license out the multimedia.
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#2
Posted: 1/26/09 at 11:48am
It's designed for 15! My school/college is about to do this, however they have a cast of 90!
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#3
Posted: 1/26/09 at 5:21pm
90?! Gosh, I pity the poor director!
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#4
Posted: 1/27/09 at 6:53pm
U could cut the Charectors of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#5
Posted: 1/27/09 at 7:22pm
The Broadway revival had a cast of under 20. I'd go with their cut-down...

16 Tracks
Baker's Wife
Narrator/Mysterious Man
Cinderella/Voice-Over Cinderella's Mother
Jack's Mother
Little Red Riding Hood
Cinderella's Stepmother/Little Red's Granny
Cinderella's Father
The Steward
Cinderella's Prince
Rapunzel's Prince

I left out Milky White and the Horse, which were actors in the Broadway revival...
Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were cut from the production.
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#6
Posted: 1/28/09 at 6:48pm
Into the Woods is a difficult one to double-cast because of First Midnight in the first act. Everyone is on stage at the same time then with individual lines except the Wolf and the Narrator, who are usually double-cast anyway (as Cinderella's Prince and the Mysterious Man respectively). With the best will in the world, I think you'd have a nightmare teaching it to people if they have to switch between characters all the time, although I may be casting false aspersions on the intelligence of your cast!

Rapunzel's Prince shares no other stage time with any male characters other than First Midnight and the two Agonies with Cinderella's Prince (and technically Ever After and Children Will Listen) as far as I recall, although my memory's a bit hazy from when I did the show and I haven't watched the DVD for a while. You could probably find a way to double him up with the Steward or Cinderella's Father, both of which are pretty small parts (but again have solo lines in First Midnight).

You can't double the Baker with anyone really, he interacts with everyone and I think your actor would kill you.

You MIGHT be able to do something with Jack - he only has one line in First Midnight so you may be able to have him run off and come back on again (before suddenly doing Giants in the Sky? I dunno, I'm not a director, but actors are supposed to be versatile), and he's not in the major second act scene with the rest of the cast. Definitely can't double-cast him with the Baker or the Mysterious Man, though.

I must admit I'm pretty impressed by the 4 man casting exedore mentions. Is this the Racky Plews production that's been on very recently/at the moment? Seems like a nightmare to me. Our production had a Witch who managed to give Last Midnight a completely different tune and rhythm every night, so god knows what we'd have done with anything actually artistic...
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re: Into the Woods - Help Please! (:#7
Posted: 1/29/09 at 3:57am
DeNada: I am referencing the Plews production.

FWIW the breakdown there (since I have a programme handy for once) was:

Rapunzel/Cinderella's Mother/Giant/Clarinet
Cinderella's Prince/Lucinda
The Baker
Jack's Mother/Violin
Little Red Riding Hood
Narrator/Mysterious Man (Projection)
The Baker's Wife
Rapunzel's Prince/Wolf/Florinda
The Witch

Scenes where the princes and sisters or other various difficult interactions to fit the doubling occurred were dealt with via video and projection. It was rather clever and extremely high end for a production of its scale.