A Reluctant Night at Above the Stag Theatre

gay laughter
Well....I didn't want to go to Above the Stag last night for two reasons....
1. Most fringe theatre is sh**e...my visit last year to The White Bear was one of the most dismal experiences of my life...an incomprehensible Caryl Churchill play done badly. Is there a worst combination...sh**e venue, sh**e play, sh**e cast.
2. Also the hard sell of the "two brilliant comedies for the price of one" on this site really put me off...the pompous fart who wrote it wants castrating.(Needs rather than wants maybe)

So why go to a venue I'd not heard great things about ? Simple really, someone I fancy asked me!!!! Turns out he fancies the director and I'm a gooseberry in the bar afterwards but hey! you can't win them all.

Anyway, in spite of worst fears the first play Chauntecleer and Pertelotte was "brill", a perky, witty, ridiculous bit of frothy fun and totally filfthy too. I found myself loving having arrived determined to be unimpressed. And not too long... Best of it is the girl actress whose name I have already forgotten (I remember the boy's name!!!) but she is sensational.

So in spite of the dullest advert and pompous hard sell this is worth seeing.... But yes the floor of the bar was sticky!!!