Do you like to talk about yourself?

Do you like to talk about yourself?#1
Posted: 12/4/08 at 11:44am
Gingerbread Lattes.
Dark Cherry Chocolate Mochas.
Caramel Macchiatos.

Why am I tempting you with all this yummy holiday food?
Well, it's because I want to take you out for coffee and buy you some delectable treats!
All you have to do is chit-chat with me about what you do for a living!

Why would I want to do a thing like this, you ask?
Well, the answer is simple: It's for a class.

I am currently an American college student studying abroad in London for the semester. One of the requirements for my studying abroad coursework is to do a short, informal interview with a theatre professional. Any theatre professional. Of course, since I am a Directing major, I am especially interested in meeting with a director, an artistic director, a dramaturg, or a literary manager. If you are any of those things, you may get an extra caramel strudel muffin or a triple chocolate brownie, in addition to my undying gratitude and appreciation.

I will work around your schedule as much as I possibly can. The only catch is, I leave December 11 and so I must schedule this interview with dispatch! Do you have the time to let me interview you? It should take less than an hour. If so, please send me an email and a copy of your CV or a brief paragraph about your life in the London theatre scene. I'd love to meet with you, talk theatre, and drink coffee.

Thank you for your time!