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La Cage#1
Posted: 10/28/08 at 6:35am
So I went to La Cage last night, and perhaps it was just because I was tired, but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I thought I would. Arriving straight from work, I found the first half quite hard to engage with, while still being able to appreciate the strength of the acting and the sheer genius of Douglas Hodge. I felt the second half was where all the action was and I perked up a little for that and found it absolutely hilarious. Tracie Bennett, however, did my nut in as always. She was in the Players afterwards too, which was annoying.

It was a peculiar night; full of faces from my Chichester Festival Theatre past. Jason Carr was the musical supervisor, Alicia Davies and Nolan Frederick were in the show... Denis Lawson was a regular face at CFT and was meant to be in the 2006 season, but by '05 we'd killed half his family off so he steered clear. Oh, and Quast and Macdermott from the Menier cast are CFT heroes from summer '03. A friend of mine was ushering there last night (and yes, I worked with him at CFT too), and I bumped into Lesbian Sue the CFT sound lady at Waterloo on the way home. Good nostalgic times!

I did enjoy a little face time with the very lovely Summer Strallen outside stage door. Well, I stood near her and accidently whacked her back while putting my cardy on... she was very gracious.

Oh, and I walked past Spider off Corrie on the Hungerford bridge.