Classic British Farce 'Big Bad Mouse'

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Classic British Farce 'Big Bad Mouse'#1
Posted: 7/30/08 at 7:39pm
Classic British Farce 'Big Bad Mouse'

This week is the final week of a shortish national tour of this classic British farce from 1966. 'Big Bad Mouse' opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1966 and ran for 3 years with Eric Sykes and Jimmy Edwards. When it closed, it went on a national tour of almost every theatre in the UK with the original West End cast. It also toured the Middle East and Australia.
The new production stars Cannon and Ball in a very funny double performance that had the very small, but very receptive audience at Windsor Theatre Royal in stitches.
The actual 'play' about office finances that the company are supposed to be performing is dreadful but the evening is made by the total ad-libing of the two stars to the audience and their endeavours to corpse the company on stage.
Not everyones cup of tea but a great night out.
The Theatre Royal Windsor seats 670, tonight the audience numbered 87!

A young actress with Noel coward after a dreadful opening night performance said to him 'Well, i knew my lines backwards this morning!'' Noels fast reply was ''Yes dear, and thats exactly how you said them tonight'!'
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