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Now That I've Seen Her (MISS SAIGON)

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Now That I've Seen Her (MISS SAIGON)#1
Posted: 6/8/08 at 8:58am
Does anyone know if Claire Moore record Ellen's solo number "Now That I've Seen Her"? She did record of course the original version of the song, "Her Or Me" but did she record the song with the re-written lyrics?

There's a lot of OLC-cast recordings with the title "Now That..." on the cover & in the booklet but the actual song on the cd being "Her Or Me".
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re: Now That I've Seen Her (MISS SAIGON)#2
Posted: 6/8/08 at 12:30pm
she has "now that i've seen her" on the OLC highlights CD, whereas the double CD has "her or me" Phantom at the Royal Empire Theatre