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Actor injured on set of the Little Mermaid. Has anything like this happened in the West End?

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An Actor in the ensamble of The Little Mermaid fell 40 feet and broke several bones in his body. This happened when he was getting in a boat set peace for the beginning of the show. Of course being that it is Disney they said that he fell a shorter distence then he actually did and they down played the searousness of his injuries.

Disney said that he only fell 20 feet and that he only broke a couple of wrists.

Of course the guy is suing Disney Theatrical and the Nederlander group. The orginzation that owns the theatre that Mermaid is playing in.

I was wondering if anything this searous has happened in the West End?
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Hey winston ive just bumped a thread that was goning a few weeks back. Take a look at my 'Aspects Of Love' story with Ann Crumb!
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