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Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!

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Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#1
Posted: 4/23/08 at 5:55pm
Jill Paice is out of the show with a severe throat infection! I thought there were no real songs in this?
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re: Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#2
Posted: 4/23/08 at 8:07pm
Isn't this what traditionally happens when the show gets bad reviews? First it is a leading lady, then a male principal, then the audiences stop turning up and it's over. Put up the closing notice now.
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re: Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#2
Posted: 4/23/08 at 8:14pm
Hmmm it is a little fishy
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re: Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#3
Posted: 4/24/08 at 1:05am
I have trouble believeing that this is a bit fishy or has anything to do with reviews. When I saw Jill in Curtians and mentioned Gone With the Wind at the stage door her eyes glowed. She seemed to be very thrilled that someone mentioned it and spent several minuets talking to me about it and seemed very proud about the show and the chance to do it.

I was the only person at the stage door who knew anyting of there being a gone with the wind musical and she seemed to be very happy that someone knew about it and was interested to talk to her about it so she was nice enough to take time away from whatever she was going to do next to talk to me about it.

But, who knows. Maybe it is due to the bad reviews and because she isn't in a show that is doing well. But, knowing her enthuisam about the show I doubt that she would travel all that way to London and not try to give her all and go on whenever she could.
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re: Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#4
Posted: 4/24/08 at 2:12am
Much as the show bored me, I feel sympathy for Miss Paice. The cast has had a gruelling time, rehearsing changes constantly and performing a long show (I remember a certain French show at the Prince Edward where virtually an entirely new show was being rehearsed in the daytime and a different one at night- it's very hard to remember which is which, and also demoralising to know you have to perform a show which is so bad it is being replaced!).
The role of Scarlett is quite huge; I wouldn't be surprised if she is feeling exhausted and as a result the bad reviews have been the last straw for her health temporarily. She's not a novice- she'll be back.
re: Scarletts Gone Like The Wind!#5
Posted: 4/24/08 at 3:35am
The role IS huge. I saw the press night show and if nothing else, I feel sorry for Jill having to go through all that every night. I can't imagine what matinee days must be like! She does have a few huge belting songs which sounded tight and constricted at the time (but that might have been due to this throat infection!) She does play a good Scarlett and does what she can with the material, as do they all. I was EXHAUSTED at the end, not only because it's RIDICULOUSLY long and my butt was NUMB by the end, but because it's an emotional beating! So I say "get well soon Jill"... I can't imagine what the understudy must be like! lol