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London Palladium/Theatre Royal Drury Lane Tours

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Chorus Member
Saw that both the London Palladium and Theatre Royal Drury Lane both offer backstage tours. Has anybody recently attended either of those tours? If so, would you recommend either one? I'm wondering too, if one gets to see much of the costumes and sets for the current productions there. I would think it would be very interesting to see the behind the scenes for such a big and elaborate production like LOTR.
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Broadway Legend
Do both! They are the two most famous theatres in the world and dripping in history.
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Broadway Legend
If they specifically say 'backstage', it will probably mean you'll visit some of the dressingrooms, and maybe even part of the wing. You'll then probably sit in the auditorium and be told more about the place. I'd be very surprised if they brought you anywhere near the stage of either. Insurance etc. Especially with the complex leg-breaking machinery used in the stage floors of both TSOM and LOTR!
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