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Brief thoughts on Broadway shows ive recently seen

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Broadway Star
Thought id share some brief thoughts on recent trip to New York, shows listed in order of preference.

Curtains ***** - A friend in New York said we had to see this, and im so glad i did. This is SOOOO much better than any cast recording or video clips show. Its so nice to see something original, but in the old fashioned style. I left feeling this is something London is really lacking. Its a very classy production with, clever use of set, stunning cast (DHP totally deserved the Tony, he does a lot with that role). Plus its funny, REALLY funny!! The song 'I miss the music' is touching when you think about when it was written.

Xanadu ***** - Oh my god I didnt expect to love this like i did. Its silly, camp and so over the top, but its brilliant. It knows what it is a goes with it. Its short running time and no interval really works in its favour, you just get carried along with it. Very funny, high energy, another brilliant cast, I came out having been throughly entertained and a smile on my face. It had the feel good factor of Mamma Mia. Kerry Butler is great and Cheyenne Jackson is just BRILLIANT. Obviously he is stunning to look at, but his voice is amazing, and has such stage presence. We just dont seem to get leading men like him over here. I pray this comes to London and Cheyenne needs to come with it!!

Spring Awakening **** - Fresh, raw and more 'live' than anything ive seen before if that makes sense. Its comparisons with Rent are understandable as they appeal to similar markets, but for me this is the better of the two. The cast all actually looked the ages they were meant to be which helps, again such talent on stage. I did think its a little over hyped, lacks some character development and the book doesnt always flow, and the choreography I didnt think was Tony winning, in fact I didnt quite 'get it'.

The Little Mermaid *** - No where near as bad as people make out, my only issue with the show was the design. It just looked too 'busy' on stage. Like they werent sure whether to go for the fairytale look of Beauty and the Beast, or the theatrical side of The Lion King. Great cast though, and it would have been nice to see them attempt something more spectacular at the ending (like the film). As a show though its highly enjoyable.

Young Frankenstein *** - All show no substance. Very broadway, very glitzy and showbizzy, another great cast (I didnt see one poor performance to be honest at any show). Its enjoyable, quite funny in places, but there was just nothing that made me go 'wow'

Legally Blonde ** - Starts off well, but on the whole the score was forgettable, and it just felt bland and flat. The audience seemed divided, some were raving, some seemed unimpressed and some neevr came back after the interval!! The show just doesnt seem to settle on whether it wants to be a campfest or a show with a message, and in the end it doesnt succeed with either. It just felt like it was trying too hard. LBB for me had amazing energy but never had that wow factor as Elle
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Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking of going to NY later in the year so this is helpful.
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Hmm Little Mermaid 3 stars, i thought that show was dire

Glad you liked Curtains (great show)

LB 2 stars very dare you
Namo i love u but we get it don't like Madonna
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Our recent visit (1st to 6th March) but without any review to support (since it it bedtime)

JERSEY BOYS **** (Great but not our cup of tea!)

CURTAINS *** (just TOO old fashioned and not up to K&E previous work)

GYPSY **** (only for performances as production V DISAPPOINTING)

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN *** (Fantastic performances but just doesn't hit the mark on the book or music)

SOUTH PACIFIC ***** (Simply wonderful! Cast and staging perfect)

LEGALLY BLONDE *** (A surprisingly enjoyable night out - recommend to your friend from work!)
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