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WOS Concert/Awards

WOS Concert/Awards#1
Posted: 2/25/08 at 12:25pm

Was a really fun night. Quite ramshackle in places but the nature of these things is always a bit thrown together

Anybody else go?
Updated On: 2/27/08 at 12:25 PM
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#2
Posted: 2/25/08 at 1:41pm
My first ever awards ceremony so it's kinda exciting! Especially with the whole red carpet thing next to the normal entrance and all the flashy cameras! I spotted the guy Zoe Rainey, Stuart Matthew Price, Tracie Bennett, Michael Ball...etc in the auditorium.
The event was certainly very successful and I'm sure everyone had tons of fun! Sheridan Smith and James Corden were both fun and outrageous as the hosts of the show. They were both very funny and abusive which was fine, though I did find it abit rude of them at one point when both stopped to talk about a moth onstage when they were announcing the reps for Magic Flute! But overall, they're insane onstage and love them love them love them!

[b]ONE NIGHT ONLY (Dreamgirls)[/b] - Sharon D Clarke, Leanne Jones, Melanie La Barrie & Arts Ed Dancers
I thought it was nicely sung! But those dancers was very distracting soon becoming annoying! I guess having these 3 ladies onstage alone is enough!
[b]GOODBYE (I Love You Because...)[/b] - Daniel Boys
I think this guy can do no fault! Brilliantly delivered though I wasn't so keen on the song itself personally! Though would still have LOVED to see the show!
[b]DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND[/b] - Leila Benn Harris & Robyn North with Arts Ed dancers
I think this number should never be performed onstage with two ladies! It just gets messy. If Scarlett Rebecca can't handle it in the Barbara Cook concert... well they obviously certainly did not manage to! It was ok, but really nothing special!
[b]ALL THAT JAZZ (Chicago)[/b] - Debbie Kurup & Arts Ed dancers
Debbie was good, the number was good.
BRITS ON TOUR (Departure Lounge)
LEFT SPAIN (Departure Lounge)[/b]
Matt Cross, Oliver Tompsett, Kristopher Milnes & Russell Walker
Probably the highlight of the show for me! 4 wonderful guys singing 2 wonderful songs! I just can't get over how beautiful voices' those 4 guys have! Oliver's mic didn't work in the first song so could not hear him at all which was a shame but still... good performance!
[b]WOMEN LIKE YOU (Over The Threshold) [/b]- Nicole Faraday & Shona White
An alright song... reminds me of 'There's Always A Woman' but the two ladies were fantastic!
[b]WHO NEEDS TO DREAM [/b]- Ben James-Ellis
Good song but sadly averagely performed by Ben, he sounds very insecure though still very smart to look at!
[b]ALL THE WASTED TIME (Parade)[/b] - Lara Pulver & Bertie Carvel
Highlight of the show again! Brought back the memories of what a wonderful production the show was! And the two sounds exactly like in the CD!
[b]BUDDY MEDLEY (Buddy)[/b] - Matthew Wycliffe, Dean Elliot, Greg Last & Nick Sayce
Was alright... never a fan of the music/show, only amazing thing was the double bass guy!
INTO THE HOODS (Into The Hoods)[/b]
Very interesting! Definitely good to watch... actually amazing to watch! But still can't REALLY see the connection between the dance and Into The Woods! Well... interested to see it in 2 wks' time!
I MISS THE MUSIC (Curtains)[/b] - Paul Baker
Is that guy ever NOT amazing? I just wish I can see more of him onstage in the West End!
[b]MAMA WHO BORE ME (Spring Awakening)[/b] - Aimie Atkinson, Robyn North & Sarah French Ellis
Nicely done. Never heard of this Aimie girl but she is good!
[b]I WAS HERE (The Glorious One) [/b]- Graham Bickley
Good song and all I can say after hearing it is... its a very Marc Kudish song! Just play the music and you just think... yep it's just one of those songs Marc will sing!
[b]PART OF YOUR WORLD (The Little Mermaid) [/b]- Aimie Atkinson
Quite funny that Jill Paice saying that Little Mermaid is a Disney hit on Broadway lol! Aimie is good but her high notes were quite unsatisfying! I was hoping she can belt the end part like it should be done but she just sung it. Still... amazing song and good voice.
[b]THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA (Light In The Piazza)[/b] - Robyn North
Can this be the WORST rendition of this song? I think Robyn very much ruined the song I'm sorry to say!
[b]LOVE TO ME (Light In The Piazza)[/b] - Tom Solomon
Nicely done! Tom was very good and very different especially the last time I saw him he was Mary Sunshine!
BETWIXT (Betwixt)[/b] - Jon Robyns
Good song and BEAUTIFULLY done by Jon!!!! Love that guy! And he's got a mustache now!
[b]SUGAR STREET (Street Magic)[/b] - Sharon D Clarke
I'm sure there's another song before this sung by Melanie and 2 background girls... not sure what song it is though! Sharon's good in this song but I find the lyrics VERY so-so!
[b]NEVER FORGET (Never Forget - Take That Musical)[/b] - Dean Chisnall, Craige Els, Tim Driesen, Eaton James, Stephane Anelli, Sophia Ragavelas
Was surprisingly enjoyable! I guess it's like Mamma Mia a feel good musical! Looks very fun fun fun! But I've never seen anything more gay onstage!

Other moments:

James: THIS is how you wear a leather jacket! (Andrew Lloyd Webber wore a leather jacket just now to collect his award)... if any of you were wondering! Right there! Brown leather! Doesn't give a ****!

James: Nicole Faraday, seen last year as Shell Dockley? in Bad Girls, I went to see Bad Girls the musical!
Sheridan: You did?
James: NOOO! [after audience laughter] I just realise she is about to come onstage and perform!... bothered!

Daniel Radcliffe coming on and James just went on to kiss him for like 20-30 sec!!! You just don't see these kinda things live OR on screen!

After James gave Michael Ball some champagne and passed round a bottle in the Stalls, he went back onstage and went something like 'To whoever's goin to the Olivier's later this year.. it's SHIT!'

And also just to see Dame Diana Rigg, Sir Peter Hall, Daniel Radcliffe, Peter Shaffer live was absolutely amazing! But can I say... Tracie Bennett!!!! You were good in Hairspray!!! Don't feel insecure!!! Support support! Was really surprised actors who were billed to perform like Ramin, Frances & 'H' were not there! Anyone know what happened to them?
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#2
Posted: 2/25/08 at 5:39pm
It was Every Story Needs A Villian that Melanie and the back up girls did.

Melanie La Barrie can belt like nobodys buisness!
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#3
Posted: 2/25/08 at 6:52pm
Eh heh. I saw a video of the kiss.
Eh heh.
I mean, Denzel Washington? Gun to my head..of course.
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#4
Posted: 2/25/08 at 8:52pm
i wish theyd start showing these things on tele! if the americans can watch their versions.... surely we deserve them. surely bbc3 can afford to broadcast it, or itv2 or something. grrr
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#5
Posted: 2/26/08 at 4:25am
I do hope it's broadcasted but to be fair... if the Oliviers' not broadcasted.. no chance this will be, esp this is it's first year having a concert/ceremony!
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#6
Posted: 2/26/08 at 4:46am
Had an absolute ball, very funny enjoyable night.
Departure lounge segment, Paul Baker and Sharon D Clarke were the highlights for me.
Agree with most of the comments above, apart from I didnt enjoy Jon Robyns maybe it was the destracting facial hair(beard and mo) or just an off night but he sounded quite nasal and the never forget segment was too cheesey for me, rather stick pins in my eyes than see any of that again.
I did enjoy the song from suger street.

James Corden coming in with Sherriden on his sholders shouting we can do lifts we can do lifts then having no idea how to put her down. The snog, the picking on michael ball it was all very funny and made a very enjoyable evening.

Off to book for into the hoods, previews are too cheap to miss.
re: WOS AWARDS last night#7
Posted: 2/26/08 at 5:07am
I had a fantastic time, it was a lot of fun.

The highlight for me was Bertie and Lara signing All The Wasted Time, it was beautiful. It also made me realise how much I miss Parade.
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re: WOS AWARDS last night#8
Posted: 2/27/08 at 6:25am
I really enjoyed the whole evening! I liked the songs from the broadway section (bring on Spring Awakening) and the stuff from the Kings head season. Looks like they are on the up. I thought it was a good evening, and loads of brilliant people!

woohoo- 2008 is going to be good!