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Joseph reviews

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Joseph reviews#1
Posted: 7/18/07 at 11:57am
I haven't had time to read them... but here's a BWW link to a BBC selection of quotes:

From these it seems as if the critical reaction to Lee is a lot less positive than the reaction to Connie Fisher. OK, many of the critics went stupidly gaga over Connie, but I do feel that Lee deserves better than this.
Why, hello Margaret! Yes darling, half past five. Well, everyone, simply le tout Park Avenue and la creme de Hyannis! Well, the press table's going to be awfully crowded... but if you don't mind sharing a folding chair with Harper's Bazaar... Sing? Me? Heavens no, it's Edie's day, not mine... Although people can be so insistent, and I hate to disappoint. Twist my arm, blackmail me, threaten my very life, and who knows? You might get a verse of something...
re: Joseph reviews#2
Posted: 7/19/07 at 7:33am
To be honest, I loved it.

I went to a preview (12th July) and yes, the set broke during the interval but if anything it made the show better. Faced with no set, no props and no costume changes in act 2 the cast put everything they had into the singing and bits of dancing they could manage lined up in front of the curtain.

It did help, I suppose, that I've seen the show hundreds of times before. If that had been my first time I would have been more disappointed, but it was a true one off performance and we were all offered a full refund (which meant I could go to Wicked's fantastic muck up matinee as well!).

If I could get down to London more easily, I'd be there again like a shot. Lee, the narrator and Pharoah all have good voices. Yes, it's cheesy but to me Joseph always is, and I don't think they overdid it. The only thing I'm not keen on is the extra song - it doesn't fit, doesn't move the story on and serves no purpose except to drag out a musical that is a bit short (although I'd rather have an extra song than a 20 minute curtain call with the most ridiculous bowing I have ever encountered, as happens on tour).

Oh, and Lee is lovely at the stage door. Except he comes out at the front, not the stage door - just a tip.

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