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Footloose 3rd UK tour-Salford,review

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Footloose 3rd UK tour-Salford,review#1
Posted: 2/15/07 at 10:42am
Well me and my partner went to watch this last night at the lowry (this is the 4th time i have seen this show since 04) and it hasn't lost none of its charm(well almost)

The audience were great and loved the show and were screaming after each song and it got a huge applause at the end.

The cast are spot on,Lyn Paul was amazing in the role of the Revs wife(what a voice) she sent shivers down my spine singing Learning to be silent and Can You Find It In Your Heart.Her accent was weak though

Giovanni is still as funny as ever(im so glad he has stuck with the show) as has Johnny Shentall but Johnny seems to be just going through the motions meaning he stuck out like a sore thumb(hes also put on a LOT of weight)

The girls were all fantastic and belted out somebodys eyes and Holding Out For A Hero ,and the hero boys were very sexy(although some of them looked so pumped up it was scary).Though Gemma O'duffy's Lets Here It For The Boy wassn't the best ive seen it done.

Julian Agnew was fine as Shaw Moore but nothing special(though the role is not the best role for an actor!!

As for the 2 leads Miria Parvin is a fantastic Ariel ,her voice is great and her acting was very good to(she sounded amazing on hero and Almost Paradise)

Tommy Sherlock had huge shoes to fill after DH from the last tour and the Hit London transfer of the show,but he doesn't quite do it.

First of all it seems odd watching a none Blond Ren hehehehe
Seriously though Tommy has a great voice (his almost paradise sung with Miria was Jaw Dropping and the best ive ever heard it) his acting is also good,but his Dancing falls short.

Im pretty sure some of the choreography for him has been dumbed down(im a dancer myself so i can spot these things a mile off).On I Cant Stand Still it seemed very messy and he didn't nail a lot of the moves.That song used to get a massive cheer at the end but this time it was a polite applause.

Tommy really grew on me as the show went on though and when he was dancing in the big ensemble numbers he was great.
I knew it was gonna be a hard job to replace DH but at the end of the night i decided Tommy did a good job it's just some of his dancing in parts that needs work.

The sets for the show are the same as ever as is the lighting and they still work very well,and the bloody overture still starts with the crashing drums that makes the audience jump grrrr.

Footloose is still a wicked show and a fun night out,it's not life changing its not gonna change musical theatre but it never pretends to be anything other than a feel good show and it does the job well.

Footloose stands head and shoulders above Fame and hopefully when it goes back in to London this year its run will be just as long as Fames.

Namo i love u but we get it don't like Madonna
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re: Footloose 3rd UK tour-Salford,review#2
Posted: 2/15/07 at 2:32pm
I totally argee with most of the things you have said!

I wouldn't have said Johnny has put on any weight!

But Julian as the Rev just doesn't work - like you said he is an actor not a singer!
I didn't like Urleen or Principal either! Not quite sure why just didn't like them!
Tommy he is deffo a grower on me - couldn't stand him when I 1st saw him, but after the 2nd show, he was starting to grow on me!

I thought Julian as Uncle Wes, was different - I think he will take a while to get used to (after all I am used to seeing him in nothing on stage! - well a Rocky costume!) So it was nice to see him as the Lifeguard in Hero!

Thought Miria and Lyn's voice's were fab! So was Nikki!

I do think they have a great cast overall!

But no one can replace the lovely cast members that were on the last tour and in London!

Went to both the opening shows on the 10th! And I am booked to see Gav as Ren in Reading, and the saturday Matinee in Reading as well!