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Posted: 1/19/07 at 11:50am
BAC Faces Closure After Cuts to Council Funding...

Please all complain to Wandsworth Council over the decision -

"BAC Faces Closure After Cuts to Council Funding South London’s Fringe powerhouse Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) is threatened with closure after Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) has decided to cut off all funding to the centre and charge rent for use of the building. The council says this is due to the fact that the government’s 2007 financial allocation for the borough is far lower than inflation, leaving WBC with a deficit of £5 million.

WBC’s previous grant to BAC was £100,000 per annum, which is being cut to nothing with effect from April 1 2007. The council also announced last week it would charge the organisation over £270,000 annually in rent and running costs from May 2007. BAC has launched petitions to the council and the government, but if the cuts stand, the centre will be forced to close unless an alternative income can be found.

The threat to BAC was raised in the House of Commons on Wednesday with a question to Tony Blair, to which the Prime Minister responded: “Battersea Arts Centre does a fantastic job. They should do everything they can to keep it open. It should be kept open.”