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Daddy cool is it so cool?


Daddy cool is it so cool?#0
Posted: 9/10/06 at 8:18am
Daddy cool is it so cool? Wondering if you guys could help me out has any one seen this and if so did you like it as I might of gone and seen it on an off chance,what is the cast like?
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re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#1
Posted: 9/10/06 at 9:40am
Avoid it like death

The worst thing to hit the West End in quite some time...well probably since the last show to enter the poor Shaftesbury Theatre. Bless it.

Ship the show out and put in Hairspray!
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re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#2
Posted: 9/10/06 at 10:34am
The number of people who I know who have seen it have enjoyed it. Yes they are critical of aspects of the show.

It is so easy to dismiss this show and say the whole thing is a waste of space but actually the music and the style and content of its delivery is excellent. It is not straightforward Boney M versions of the songs or other Frank Farian songs but it incorporates different musical styles and this makes the music exciting, interesting and creatively far more rewarding and accessible to a younger audience.

For the older age range who recall with affection (!) Boney M's music then there is the megamix at the end of the show with a Boney M tribute band!!

They admit that many of the performers are poor especially Michelle Collins who is out of her depth as is Javine in the acting departments.

The entire show appears to be aimed at a young black theatre going audience and as previous shows/musicals, that have dealt with black culture, have proved there does not appear to be a ready market for this.

Juke Box musicals do have a place in theatre, as Buddy, Mamma Mia, Footloose have proved and they do appear to bring in a non-theatre going audience and given the other types of musicals there are in the West End with Evita, Wicked, Phantom, Les Mis, Billy Elliot, Spamalot etc then there is a place for this type of theatre.

The Shaftesbury Theatre does appear to be jinxed with very little history of success. Perhaps the last show I know that worked there was "Follies" and how long ago was that?!!
re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#3
Posted: 9/10/06 at 11:26am
I agree with you Ryan! London could use some Hairspray!
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re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#4
Posted: 9/10/06 at 11:29am
Erm ok

A lot of my mates have seen this now and said its awfull

The story is weak,the cast worse the design awfull
The opening song of the shows was apparently laughable and many people chuckled all the way through.

I agree the jukebox musicals have there place but unless they have something gen intresting to offer like jersey boys they really shouldnt bother.

And spotlight FOOTLOOSE is Not a jukebox musical,it combines music from them film and songs written for the show,i thought you of all people would have known that?

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re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#5
Posted: 9/10/06 at 7:24pm
Spotlight wrote: The entire show appears to be aimed at a young black theatre going audience and as previous shows/musicals, that have dealt with black culture, have proved there does not appear to be a ready market for this.

I can't stand the idea that some people think the only way young black people will come and see a show is if it is about hip-hop! You barely see young people in the theatre nowadays regardless of their colour (probably cos its so damn expensive).
(By the way Spotlight, this isn't a stab at your comment or anything!)
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re: Daddy cool is it so cool?#6
Posted: 9/28/06 at 10:18am
I have still not seen this - nor do I plan on seeing it. I dont know about young auiences not going to the theatre anymore - whoever said that. I am 28 - but I come down to the shows with a large group of mates aging from 17 upwards. We all LOVE the theatre. Yes the price does cause problems but does not stop us.

Also I just want to ask why Spotlight you feel it necessary to go around having a go at the person out of footloose? Every thread I have logged into so far today you have been making digs.

Just because two peoples info differs does not mean that either of you are wrong. Wires get crossed, things get said but then change.

Chill!!! More important things going on in life

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