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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins#0
Posted: 6/17/06 at 12:33pm
Has anyone seen Mary Poppins in London? Looking to purchase tickets? Is Front Mezzanine better or stick with Orchestra. I know she flies. Just want to get the best vew.
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re: Mary Poppins#1
Posted: 6/17/06 at 1:02pm
Check this out - click on shows then mary poppins - gives other peoples views on where to sit and what you can see.
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Broadway Legend
re: Mary Poppins#2
Posted: 6/17/06 at 1:52pm
I had the seat R28 (Stalls/Orch) when I saw the show which is under the Mezz but you could see everything just fine. The final 10 secs or so of Mary's final exit were a bit blocked by the front edge of Mezz but other than that the view was brilliant. But I wouldn't take any seats farther back than row S. I'd say, if you have the option to take front Mezz or Stalls/Orch, go with the front Mezz.
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Broadway Legend
re: Mary Poppins#3
Posted: 6/22/06 at 2:49pm
I was in the middle of the Upper circle and I t was great for the flying bits, but it is a bit too high up. MY General Philosophy is that the Front of Dress Circle is almost always best. There are exceptions, like Billy or anything in big theatres like the Dominion.
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re: Mary Poppins#4
Posted: 6/23/06 at 12:03am
I sat in H3 (Stalls) and the view was FANTASTIC. However, as Sant was saying, if you're any further back than about S I would go with the Dress Circle.

By the way, if you're near H3, Mary Poppins will fly DIRECTLY over your head. ("Oh my God, I think she looked at me!") =) Enjoy the show!
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