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Whistle down the wind special effects?

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Whistle down the wind special effects?#0
Posted: 6/17/06 at 9:34am
Hi - to all those who hv seen the show... are there any memorable SFX in the show? I read there used to be live snakes in the original production is there any in the 2006 production.. Also i heard there was a train...whts tht about?
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I haven't seen this new production but I did see the original. Yes there were live snakes onstage during the show - much to my horror...


The train section is in the Act 2, the Man sends Swallow to pick something (=a gun) for him as he doesn't dare to leave the barn yet. The gun is hidden in a train tunnel and Swallow is almost hit by a train but Amos saves her. I don't know how it is done in the new production but in the original they raised the platform (which covered practically the whole stage) up and Swallow descended the ladders from the platform to the stage - which was very dimly lit and suddenly there was the sound of approaching train and a dark figure of a train with a bright 'headlight' suddenly appeared from the back wall towards Swallow and the audience. It was a surprising and very well done 'trick'.