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Broadway musicals transferring to England

Is anyone else feeling just a little bit let down by Broadway?
It seems that directors keep altering their musicals cos they think we wont like them any other way
eg. Avenue Q are omitting an entire character (gary coleman) just cos we dont know who he is, i no who gary coleman is, and if they remove him, most of the musical wont work- avenue q is set in america- thats part of the joke.I'm starting to think i dont want to see it if they change most of it they've announced they'll change some of the wicked college scenes cos Brits wont understand it, are we not allowed to understand other cultures?
i really enjoyed going to NYC (my dream!), but could only afford to see one show (Hairspray- amazing!), and so i was really happy that my favs are finally coming to england, just to find out their being "watered down"

What do people think? should they do it,or are they just ruining the escapism by making it more "real" for us british peeps?

whats next? Are they gonna change Chicago's title to Manchester cos we wont understand life in Chicago?
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Broadway Star
I don't think that they should change things in case we don't understand them. if needed put notes in the programme. they did that with 1950s references when i saw Grease. even if people don't know who gary coleman is the character is still funny
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I don't mind so much. The reason I favour live theatre over movies is because things can and do change so much. Even if the cast follow the script exactly, no two performances will be alike. And we may know who Gary Coleman is, but what if the UK version has someone else who makes the show even funnier for us Brits but who would be lost on Americans? I'm not going to judge until I see the show, but I try not to be filled with pessimism in the meantime. ^_^

"Watered down" is what they're doing to the musicals that are going over to Vegas. I personally am very glad to be in the UK rather than there. Sure, we'll get different verions of the shows, but they'll be *different*, rather than shorter or shallower. re: Broadway musicals transferring to England