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Being on Furlough

Swing | Joined: 6/20/20

Being on Furlough

Posted: 6/20/20 at 3:03pm

Hello! So I’m not sure how many of you that also work in theatre are on Furlough atm, but someone shared this on Facebook and I feel like that sums up what I’m feeling like 90% of the time right now.

Fear and Loathing on Theatre Furlough - Laura Tromans

I think we need a support group - where my furloughed West End pals at?


Updated On: 6/21/20 at 03:03 PM
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Leading Actor
Leading Actor | Joined: 6/21/03

Being on Furlough

Posted: 6/22/20 at 9:53pm
Beautifully written and so moving. Thank you got your knowledgeable thoughts that ring true.