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Angela's Ashes - The Musical

Angela's Ashes - The Musical#1
Posted: 9/22/19 at 10:23am

I first saw Angela's Ashes in 2017 in Belfast, and I have been back to see it another three times since. This 2019 tour is even stronger than 2017, and I do believe it is my favourite new musical of recent years. A superb original score, with excellent performances from all of the cast, especially Jacinta Whyte, Eoin Cannon, Marty Maguire and Brigid Shine. Very exciting that it has finally made its way across the Irish Sea. For most musicals, I can name at least a few minutes where my attention wanders, but it never does with this one.
Its English premiere is Wednesday 25 September to Saturday 5 October, at the newly reopened Fairfield Halls, Croydon.  I would genuinely advise not to miss it. Exciting to be there at the beginning.