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Joseph London

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Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Joseph London#1
Posted: 6/2/19 at 3:11pm

I know it was only a 3min compilation but the only thing good about that was Joseph and the kids[and the bright lights]. I didn't like Ms Smith in Funny Girl[DVD] and 10seconds in this was enough. And Mr Donovan??As a producer, he obviously thought, 'I have to be in this even though I can't sing or even look the part'--and he was right.

I saw him way back in Priscilla in London and he was terrible then--no improvement. He should have just got old in Neighbours.

Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Joseph London#2
Posted: 6/3/19 at 2:28pm

It was beyond shocking but in fairness it's directed by Laurence Connor. 

I feel very sorry for actors who are exploited by casting directors who are to blame for casting.