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Anastasia West End

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Anastasia West End#1
Posted: 5/9/18 at 5:52am
So I just got a survey about Anastasia and my interest with it and the artwork.

When I visited broadway this was very popular with families but I didn’t have any particular interest in seeing it.

Also specific questions about age groups etc

Would people welcome and have interest in this show?
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Anastasia West End#2
Posted: 6/22/18 at 3:18pm
The film has very little following in the UK, it would die on its ass!
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Anastasia West End#3
Posted: 6/22/18 at 5:41pm

I would love this to come over, but having seen the Broadway production, I'd hope they made MASSIVE changes. For a show about a movie that I love dearly, it was mostly just sooo boring. 

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Anastasia West End#4
Posted: 6/29/18 at 2:57pm

The show has done pretty well over here in the States; it has certainly been running for longer than I expected.

That said, my husband and I did not really enjoy it. It uses a lot of very bright video screens that feel very anachronistic for a period piece. All of the scenic backdrops are computer-generated and this gives the production a somewhat "Times Square on New Year's Eve" feel. After a while, the digital scenery starts to feel like a one-trick-pony and becomes redundant.

Overall, we thought the show felt like a cheap Disney knockoff.

I actually nodded off a couple of times.

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Anastasia West End#5
Posted: 10/11/18 at 5:55am

I saw Anastasia on Broadway last year - in essence there is a good show in there. The cast and music were both great.

That said the set was horrible, the new changes with Rasputin/Gleb bad, the Russian stereotyping trite and cheesy and the story itself wasn’t too clear. The Emperess also came across as a nasty old woman. Why then do you care that Anastasia finds her of not?

With a new set, reworking and a clearer story closer to the film it could work on the West End. If not the critics will hate it and audiences won’t be keen and it will be a big fat FLOP. 

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