Day seats (again)

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Day seats (again)#1
Posted: 6/2/14 at 7:07pm
Sorry - I know this has been discussed before but can someone tell me if the day-seats are still front row and how likely I am to get them if I arrive at 9 or 10 am for:- a Pyjama Game, b Miss Saigon. I am hoping that it is easier to pick them up for mid week matinee esp for Miss Saigon. I am only in London 2 days and all ready have the evenings full (In the Heights on Wednesday). Thanks for any info.
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Day seats (again)#2
Posted: 6/2/14 at 7:38pm
You will have to get there earlier for Miss Saigon. However Pajama game turn up 15 minutes before curtain.
Day seats (again)#2
Posted: 6/6/14 at 3:03am
I am from the states and here was my experience

Saigon. I arrived 830am and was 19 in line
I did the Thursday matinee where there are 2 shows. Overall about 60 were in line

I got front row for 20 pounds and it was easy.

Once they start selling it took about 20 minutes to get to me. Ticket sales were slow

I also did day seats Once. No line no wait. I got there 1030am and they said I was the only one so far

I didn't do day seats for Charlie Chocolate Factory but went to box office directly and got a great seat for 40 pounds. They discounted it for and just ask them.

I also did Pajama Game. Arrived at noon for the 230pm show and got a day seat easy.

I went to Bodyguard and asked about day seats and the guy was incredibly rude. He said they are restricted view and I ask how restricted and he said it's 25 pounds you get what you pay for was his exact words. Let's say I walked away. Horrible customer service!!

Hope that helps

All my seats were great