Stages' Steel Magnolias

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Leading Actor
Stages' Steel Magnolias#1
Posted: 8/3/12 at 9:05am
Another home run for the Houston home team. David - I agree with all the points you made and praise you heaped in the BWW review; it was a joy to watch such talented actors embody these terrific characters. The obvious audience favorite the night I saw the show was Susan Koozin’s Ouiser, the perfect intersection of actor and role; however, my only small criticism is that the cast frequently spoke through the laughs she earned from nearly every line.

This one is not to be missed.

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Stages' Steel Magnolias#2
Posted: 8/6/12 at 3:12pm
I also did not like that they spoke through the laughs, but had they stopped the show would have been over four hours long. I agree that Ouiser is an audience favorite, but the night I saw it, I'd have to guess that Clairee was the most liked by the crowd.