Butley- New show For The Duchess

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Butley- New show For The Duchess#1
Posted: 3/26/11 at 1:47am
Butley- New show For The Duchess
by Simon Gray.

Duchess Theatre, London.
Opening 6th June 2011
Previews from 1st June.
Closing 27th August 2011.

Amanda Drew as Anne Butley
Martin Hutson as Joseph Keyston

Cai Brigden and Emma Hiddleston, will join previously mentioned Dominic West (Ben Butley), Penny Downie (Edna Shaft), Paul McGann (Reg Nuttall)

Directed by Lindsay Posner
Designed by Peter McKintosh
Produced by Mark Rubinstein, Eleanor Lloyd, Lee Menzies and Dena Hammerstein/Pam Pariseau.

'Ben Butley is having a monumentally bad day. So bad, he’s making sure everyone else has a worse one. His estranged wife has taken up with the most boring man in London. His beloved protege has found a new benefactor. And in an unprecedented act of betrayal even the English department’s resident failure has a book deal. Butley’s trusty arsenal – mischievous irony and gleeful troublemaking – have never failed him yet. Might they finally prove to be the weapons of his own tragic self-destruction?'

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