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les Mis London production photos/posters

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les Mis London production photos/posters#1
Posted: 1/1/11 at 10:02am
Hi everyone! i am looking for les mis photos of the london prodcution over the years and am also looking for different designs of posters over the years! does anyone know where i would be able to download anything or does anyone know anything? thanks
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les Mis London production photos/posters#2
Posted: 1/1/11 at 10:11am
I don't know about downloading (if someone does have a solution, i'd be glad to know it too!)

But if you get your hands on the souvenir brochure from the O2 concert, there are never-seen-before rehearsal photos from the Barbican, and every poster for the London production all collected together, including Les Mis posters around the world.