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From Second Avenue to Essex

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From Second Avenue to Essex#1
Posted: 7/30/10 at 6:30pm
Last night I went along to the Vaudeville Theatre to see "The Prisoner Of Second Avenue" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jeff Goldblum is perfect casting as a paranoid neurotic and much funnier in the role than I remember Richard Dreyfus from 11 years ago. I was surprised by the number of people that I overheard who thought that Mercedes Ruehl (equally excellent), who played Edna, was actually Peri Gilpin from "Frasier".

Anyway, the true highlight of the evening had to be dinner at Joe Allen where I met and had a very nice, long chat with David Essex. The cast and crew of "All The Fun Of The Fair" were celebrating their 100th West End performance with a table for 28. David was very friendly and absolutely charming - I feel obliged to go along to The Garrick Theatre and see the show now. I didn't tell him that I originally had tickets for the show at The Churchill, Bromley but a better offer came along (a week in Gran Canaria) so the tickets were unused.
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From Second Avenue to Essex#2
Posted: 7/30/10 at 6:35pm
hotjohn, you will find the terrible writing of Fun of the Fair more comical than the actual show! It is cringe inducing, and pure cheese, but I did have a good night!