Mamma Mia returns to the Manchester Palace

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Mamma Mia returns to the Manchester Palace#1
Posted: 7/11/10 at 11:18pm
After playing there for 3 months a couple of years ago Mamma Mia will return to the Palace Theatre in Manchester for 3 months from March 2011. This is good news for the venue after having such a slow year with many shows instead going to the Opera House in Manchester because producers are still worried about booking shows in the Palace because of the Royal Opera Deal still looming over the theatre.

This is by far head and shoulders above its sister venue the Opera House so it's sad to see the bookings in to the Palace have been so slim this year.
Originally 'Ghost' was also looking to the Palace for its Out of Town try out but is now going to the Opera House.

I hope this silly Opera venue falls through so the Palace can get back to doing whats it done best for over 100 years
Namo i love u but we get it don't like Madonna