Brno star Clifford Baagale is Angel in RENT!?!

Hey guys,

Just heard through the grapevine... Brno star Clifford Baagale is being considered for Angel in RENT. I heard that he's known Neil Patrick Harris for a while and both couldn't believe that he was auditioning for the role.

It is said that when Clifford entered the audition room Neil was pleasantly surprised. When he started singing the panel didn't know how a big voice can come out of such a small body. By the way he is no pygmy. The panel didn't realize that Clifford could sing, let alone sing "Easy To Be Hard" in the original womens key. Other people actually heard him through the rooms... that's how powerful his voice was! I know.

I heard that Neil said he killed it and the rest of the panel agreed. The musical director thought he sang like an Angel with a phenomenal voice, but I think they might be concerned if he is a big enough star to play Angel. I hope he gets it. He's seems to be a nice guy, and funny too- here's some of his stuff: