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American heading to London....

American heading to London....#1
Posted: 3/27/10 at 7:47pm
Hi everyone! I'm going to be studying in London this summer, and want to soak up as much theatre as I can while I'm there. I'm familiar with student rush policies and discount opportunities in NYC, but I don't know a thing about how it works in the UK.

I wouldn't think that a student rush policy would honor someone from a different country, but if anyone could point me in the direction of discount offers for tickets I'd be very grateful!

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American heading to London....#2
Posted: 3/27/10 at 8:08pm
Basically, you will generally pay around 20/25 for student tickets/day tickets in London ($30-$35).

Avenue Q: 20 Midweek & Friday Mat/25 Fri Eve and Saturdays
Wicked: 25 dayseats released on morning or 25 student tickets for best seats on the day (all but Saturday evening for student tickets)
Oliver: Student tickets 25.75 on the day Mon-Thurs
Woman in Black: 20 student standby for best seats, released on the day.
Jersey Boys: Best seats 25 on the day available midweek only.
Lion King - Student Tickets 21 Tues-Thurs strictly subject to availability (been told they rarely do it, only when they have lots of seats spare which isn't often)
Chicago: 28.75 Mon-Thurs/Friday Mat
Dirty Dancing: 22.50 all performances (bookable in advance too!)
Blood Brothers: 20 on the day all performances
ENRON: 25 dayseats released at 10am or 25 best available on the day (although it usually sells out so don't count on there being any!)
Grease: 20 dayseats released 10am
Legally Blonde: 25 Lottery (see the website) or 22.50 student tickets 1 hour before show depending on availability
Hair: Will have 20/25 dayseats and also student standby
Les Mis: 27.50 student standby, subject to availability (and whether the box office can be bothered).
Sister Act: Dayseats 25 released 10am otherwise student tickets 25 for best seats or 17.50 for the best upper circle seats (I think!)
WWRY: Best seats half price on the day for students
Thriller Live: Student tickets 25 on the day
War Horse: Under 25 standby 25 1 hour prior to show.