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Cheap tickets?

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Cheap tickets?#1
Posted: 2/20/10 at 6:59pm
Hey guys,

So I've never been to London, but my girlfriend and I are planning a trip there. We'd love to see a show, and kinda have our hearts set on Phantom 2. Is there any way to get discounted tickets for this show? What would be our cheapest method of getting tickets? Does London have any equivalent to TKTS or student rush? We are both students and on a budget. We'd be coming in March.

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Cheap tickets?#2
Posted: 2/20/10 at 7:19pm
Im afraid to say it but you have absolutely no chance at any sort of discount tickets for Love Never Dies in March. However there are cheap tickets available at 25 and 32.50 in the rear sections of the upper circle. This is what i've had to do to be able to see the show. Been told they are not that bad.

Best to book through See Tickets, and for midweek performances. Fridays and Saturdays are all but sold out.
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Cheap tickets?#2
Posted: 2/21/10 at 5:16am
There is a TKTS in London Leicester Square.

Link updated daily for what shows is available.

Mark is right, no chance of a cheap Love Never Dies ticket.