Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof#1
Posted: 2/7/10 at 5:06am
I finally got to see this production last week. On the whole a pretty impressive night in the theatre. James Earl Jones was electric. I'm sure the cast bought in an audience that probably wouldnt normally venture into a west end house, which could explain all the mobile phones that went off during the show, and the odd comments of people saying 'How long does this go on for'

Even more of a surprise was Richard Blackwood, who had a non speaking role as as one of the servants. What the hell is he doing in this? Even more worrying at the curtain call at the end, he decided to take centre stage and try and claw back a little of his now defunct (thank god) stand up career and have a joke with the audience while asking us to donate to the Haiti fund. Then he decided to squeeze himself in between James and Adrian for the very last bow. WTF!!! He's also understudying Brick. Thank god Adrian Lester was on that night.