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Sondheims Lost TV Musical

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Sondheims Lost TV Musical#1
Posted: 1/30/10 at 1:31pm
Stephen Sondheim's musical 'Evening Primrose' is to released on DVD for the very first time.

Written originally for television, the musical focuses on a poet who takes refuge from the world by hiding out in a department store** after closing. He meets a community of night people who live in the store and falls in love with a beautiful young girl named Ella. Bizarre complications arise when the leader of the group forbids their relationship.

'Evening Primrose' was aired in the U.S on the ABC network on 16th November 1966 and that remains its only ever airing. The only way interested people have been able to see it since is by getting a private viewing at the Museum Of Television in New York.
Many of its numbers are famous and have been recorded by 100s of artistes spread across 100s of albums.

The DVD is released on 20th April $30.
A lot of money for a 50min DVD!

This TV soundtrack was released as late as 2008.
Sondheims Lost TV Musical

**I always used to think this sounded like a musical version of 'Are You Being Served?. LOL

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Sondheims Lost TV Musical#2
Posted: 1/31/10 at 3:18pm

I saw a semi-staged version of this at Sadlers Wells about 4 years ago (done as part of the Lost Musicals series).

I also know Sondheads who've been to the museum just to have a private viewing.