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Les Mis Tickets

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Les Mis Tickets#1
Posted: 1/13/10 at 11:54am
Hope this is how you start a new thread :S

So I'm off to London in February during the half term and I'm planning on seeing Les Mis on Monday 15th or Tuesday 16th Feb. Because I'm going over the school holidays all the great deals aren't there for my dates so I'm wondering what my chances are of getting 2 tickets from TKTS @ Leicester Sq. or Brent Cross for a Monday or Tuesday during the half term and what time I should be there at (I'd hate to miss the changing of the gaurds :P). Or if someone could recommend me some sites that does deals for school holdidays thats great too.
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Les Mis Tickets#2
Posted: 1/13/10 at 12:12pm
You will most likely not be able to get them from TKTS, they don't often have tickets at weekends/school holidays. I have been seeing the "House Full" signs outside of the Queen's theatre quite alot recently.

Usually has great deals on Les Mis, but as it's half term week they don't have them avaliable.

If you are dead set on seeing Les Mis you will probably have to pay full price. If you are willing to risk it being on TKTS (If it is on at all you will still most likely pay 45 or even full price).