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Ian and Godot make a return to the Haymarket? Hair arrives April with OBC at Gielgud

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Broadway Legend
Jupiter has aligned with Mars - which means that the megawatt production of Hair wowing them on Broadway will be coming down to earth and taking up residence in the West End in April.
Oskar Eustis, artistic director of New York's Public Theatre, told me the plan was to bring the cast of the successfully re-tuned production of Hair running at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre to the Gielgud Theatre, where previews will begin on April 1 with an official first night on April 14.
Mr Eustis said that negotiations are going on to transfer the Broadway company to the Gielgud.
Heading for London: The Broadway production of Hair
The Public, with some help from Cameron Mackintosh, have talked to both American and British Equity about permissions to bring the troupe of performers to the West End.
Eustis noted that there had been some unsuccessful revivals of Hair in London and the U.S. But this time, director Diane Paulus worked with Hair creators James Rado and Galt MacDermot on the shape and structure of the script.
The show ran in Central Park in September of 2007 and then headed to Broadway, where it won the Tony Award in June for best music revival.
'I think we just hit the right historical moment, where we were ready to look back at the Sixties earnestly,' Eustis told me, adding that 'unfortunately, it resonates very powerfully today.'
He was talking, of course, about Afghanistan.
When I caught Hair, I was captivated by it in a way I hadn't thought possible. It hums with magical energy and because it urges you to have a little 'harmony and understanding' you do come away feeling it would be good if everyone just got along.
Cameron told me that he and the Public hope the show will do well enough to be able to put together an English cast once the Broadway company was up and running.

Seats at the Gielgud will range from 17.50 to 65.
I hope some of the less expensive seats are in the stalls, so that students and other young people can go and dance with the cast at the end of the show.

Otherwise, there'll just be fat rich people bopping away on stage.

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Sir Ian McKellen is in negotiations to return to the West End with the hit production of Waiting For Godot.

In fact, the theatrical knight is waiting to hear whether or not the Haymarket, Theatre Royal will become available in January, or a few weeks later.
McKellen played the Haymarket with fellow stage titan Patrick Stewart earlier this year.

It was Godot and it was a sellout smash, with the two actors, appearing on stage together for the first time, clearly having a ball.
This time, however, Stewart is not available. He has other acting plans and so won't be able to play Vladimir to McKellen's Estragon.
McKellen was travelling in Italy last night and waiting to hear whether or not another major name has been cast to fill Stewart's shoes.
McKellen is used to waiting for Godot.
After it ended its Haymarket run, there were plans for the show to move across town to the Gielgud Theatre.
Stewart had other plans, so Antony Sher started reading and preparing to play Vladimir.
But then the Gielgud management pulled the plug and put something else into the theatre, and Godot had to carry on waiting.

I hear Sher won't be offering his services for the proposed return to the Haymarket .
A lot depends on whether Breakfast At Tiffany's with Anna Friel extends its run at the Haymarket in January.
Meanwhile, McKellen waits for Godot information and travels to promote the new version of The Prisoner.
One of his Prisoner co-stars is Ruth Wilson - who is a very busy lady. She appears in the two-part BBC drama Small Island with a smashing ensemble that includes Naomie Harris, David Oyelowo, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ashley Walters.
Ruth has also joined Idris Elba in the BBC police thriller Luther, which is filming now. I'm hearing it's something special.

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Phantom of London
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Broadway Legend
Cheers for the Baz update Princeton.

This must mean that Avenue Q is going to shut? I wonder if it will transfer again to a 'off West End' house? Well I know we do not really have those!

I saw Hair in New York and I did not like it, as it was a show about a attitude at the time, so really did not appeal, however I would say the show was very well directed.

So would I see Hair again in the West End? Of course I would.
RE: Hair, The bringing over the Broadway cast aspect confuses me. Will they bring them over and replace them on Broadway? The show is doing really well over there so I assume it wouldn't be closing. Then when they finish their run here they'll be replaced by a British cast, if the show runs long enough to warrant that? Surely either way a whole new cast has to be found either to replace those coming over here on Broadway, or to replace them in London after their initial run.

Either way I'm still very excited, having seen the Broadway cast over the summer they're truly fantastic, especially La Creel!

I definitely agree about the ticket pricing, the show benefits from an up for it audience, not to say people paying 65 a ticket wouldn't be up for it. I think all the interaction might be a little more limited with the lack of a centre aisle at the Gielgud, might be a positive thing for a British audience.
hotjohn Profile Photohotjohn Profile Photo
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Broadway Legend
I would advise anyone who wishes they could perform on the west end stage to do what I did at Hair on Broadway a few weeks ago. I got a front row seat (not that I'm fat and rich, mind) and wore a long wig, flowery shirt and beads. I got lots of attention from cast members - plenty of molesting! and one sat on my lap. At the end I was first up on stage, singing along with my arms linked with with various cast members. Some people took photos presumably thinking I was in the cast! It was fab and groovy!
Mark_E Profile PhotoMark_E Profile Photo
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Broadway Legend
That sounds FAB John.

I hope they keep the front row for day seats/cheap seats bookable in advance ala Avenue Q. I really think though that Hair would have benefited from the same pricing as Avenue Q did. I can just see it now, the entire stalls/dress being 65, the upper being 40 and then those dreaded slips being the only 17.50 seats