Broadway Bound Brighton Beach Memoirs Is Now a Distant Memory

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Broadway Bound Brighton Beach Memoirs Is Now a Distant Memory
'Brighton Beach Memoirs', the first of two productions billed as The Neil Simon Plays closed on 1 Nov 2009. The decision to close the show was made because of seriously low ticket sales.

The play, which began previews on 2 Oct 2009, has struggled to find an audience since its first preview

Slow ticket sales during previews are not unusual for a production, but a play will usually expect sales to improve after opening night, especially if it is well received by the critics.

Sadly for 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' which opened on 25 Oct 2009 to mostly very good reviews the expected jump in ticket sales did not emerge and so the producers decided to close the production.
Ironically, the second production in the Neil SImon Plays is called 'Broadway Bound', which alas it no longer is.
'Broadway Bound' which was due to begin repertoire performances with Brighton Beach Memoirs on 18 Nov 2009.

'Brighton Beach Memoirs' originally opened in March 1983 at the Alvin Theatre and played for 1,299 performances. (During the run of Brighton Beach Memoirs, the Alvin Theatre was renamed The Neil Simon Theatre).
'Broadway Bound' opened December 1986 at the Broadhurst Theatre, where it played for 756 performances.
Two of the longest running productions of the 1980s.

Neil Simon�s career spans six decades in theatre, film and television. He is the winner of three Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded a Kennedy Center Honor in 1995.
Some of his plays for the theatre include 'Barefoot in the Park,' 'The Odd Couple,' 'Plaza Suite,' 'The Last of the Red Hot Lovers,' 'The Prisoner of Second Avenue,' 'The Sunshine Boys,' 'California Suite,' 'Chapter Two,' 'Lost in Yonkers,' 'Laughter on the 23rd Floor,' 'The Dinner Party,' the Eugene Trilogy of 'Brighton Beach Memoirs,' 'Biloxi Blues' and 'Broadway Bound,' and the books for the musicals for 'Little Me,' 'Sweet Charity,' 'Promises Promises,' 'They�re Playing Our Song' and 'The Goodbye Girl.'

The new musical 'Million Dollar Quartet' is now booked for The Nederlander for next spring.

Broadway Bound Brighton Beach Memoirs Is Now a Distant Memory

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