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Student Tickets/Day Seats information for new shows

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Broadway Legend
Just incase anyone is wondering about all the student offers/day seats for all the shows including the new ones i've been looking/asking around and found these.
Recently Opened:
An Inspector Calls - 23.50 for best avaliable - 1 hour before the show.
Shawshank Redemption - 25 best avaliable on the day for students.
Breakfast at Tiffanys - A limited number of Stalls at 15.00 and Gallery (subject to availability) at 10.00 on sale from 10am.
Endgame - 20 an hour before the show for students.
Speaking in Tongues - 21 day seats.
Prick Up Your Ears - 25 for students an hour before the show.

Also I found out Oliver is doing student ticks for 25.25 on the day of the performance. Monday-Thurs subject to avaliability.

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OMG! Oliver's doing student! at last I can go watch it! THANKS!
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