Panto Casting Update

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Panto Casting Update#1
Posted: 9/1/09 at 3:29pm
Panto Casting Update

Joining Joe Pasquale , Ray Quinn and Ceri Dupree in 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Birmingham Hippodrome is Ceri's sister, Ria Jones.
Ria joins the cast as the Wicked Stepmother.
Ria has just finished the marathon tour of 'The Witches Of Eastwick'. She found herself doing this tour after a new musical production of 'Sleeping beauty' fell through in Dublin last summer.
In a twist of fairy tale fate she finds herself playing the same part in the same show- kind of- you know what I mean.
Lucy Evans was also due to play Beauty in the Dublin production!
Panto Casting Update

Updated On: 9/1/09 at 03:29 PM