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Sherlock Holmes in The Conan Doyle Conclusion - Staged Reading at The Commons Theatre and Studio




The Commons Theatre and Studio

587a College St, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, M6G1B2
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Phone: 5198575426

Sherlock Holmes in The Conan Doyle Conclusion - Staged Reading in Toronto

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The father of modern forensic practice, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is dead. All evidence points to natural causes, however there are dark whispers in the streets of London. Some think, it was murder. Among these conspiracy theorists is none other than Sherlock Holmes, and right behind him as always, Dr. John H Watson. The two embark on an investigation that spans all over Europe, and the author's life, from his humble beginnings as a student at the university of Edinburgh, to his final days in Crowborough, in pursuit of a suspect. Through their endeavour the two slowly uncover evidence that may lead them to, not only the possible capture of the one man Conan Doyle chased his entire life, but bring into question the idea of reality itself."

Demis Odanga as Sherlock Holmes / Joseph Bell

Will Turner as Young Arthur / Watson (Act 2) -

David Hudon as Arthur Conan Doyle / Dr. John H. Watson (Act 1)

Demi Bainbridge as Jean Leakie

Christine Cortes as Louise "Toulie" Hawkins

Ardavan Taraporewala as “Jack"

Katherine Ross As Connie Doyle

Angelo Grey as Eugene Chantrelle

Ricky Rosenbaum as Chevalier Auguste Dupin

Saurabh Devgun as George Edalji

Kody Possion as James Moriarty

Join us for a staged reading, and audience talkback where we encourage audience feedback on the script to help improve the show for its future performance in April.November 29th, at The Commons Theatre and Studio587a College St, Toronto, Ontario M6G1B2 Doors open at 7pm
Purchase tickets either online through our site, or pay $10 at the door!

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